Reconstitution Recap

The end of summer is always brings a bittersweet feeling, especially for the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. The new knob class of 2022 has started their journey to complete the longest fourth-class system in the nation (granted, it’s not as long as it used to be). Their summer came to a screeching halt as … Continue reading Reconstitution Recap

Class of 2022’s First Impressions on Their 1st Sergeants

As “Challenge Week”, formerly known as “Hell Week”, comes to an end, we take the time to reflect on the day that it all began. Every Cadet 1st Sergeant in the Corps was asked, “What was the funniest and/or dumbest thing a knob did on Matriculation Day?” and some of their answers were comedy gold! … Continue reading Class of 2022’s First Impressions on Their 1st Sergeants

Matriculation Mania

On the Eve of Matriculation Day, the atmosphere suddenly calms after the final preparations have been made for life altering events of the next day. A storm had been brewing on campus for over a week as the cadre and support staffs returned to make ready for the new cadet recruits. The barracks resounded with … Continue reading Matriculation Mania

Citadel Launches Cadet Bulldog-Handler Program

As most of the low-country knows, the bulldog is the beloved mascot of The Citadel. The Commandant has allowed the establishment of a new program for the cadets involving the bulldogs. The new program is headed by Cadet Jennifer Pozzani, who has worked alongside Citadel administration to develop procedures for cadets to be "Caretakers of … Continue reading Citadel Launches Cadet Bulldog-Handler Program