An Interview with LTC Petra Seipel (USMC)

This past week, I had the privilege to interview Marine Corps officer, LTC Petra Seipel. Many may not know who she is, but to The Citadel, she is one of the most outstanding cadets to have gone through this institute. As a female and immigrant from the Czech Republic, her time as a cadet was … Continue reading An Interview with LTC Petra Seipel (USMC)

10 Simple Sentences for Knobs

Stay Hydrated. Keep your shoulders back, chin tucked, and eyes forward. It is not forever. No matter who you are, how you got here, you got here and that is what counts. Your greatest friends are suffering with you. You need to eat. Stay loose with stretching. People do believe in you. Stay true to … Continue reading 10 Simple Sentences for Knobs

Something to Die For

Last Saturday a friend of mine asked me a question: “Would you be willing to die for your country even if it seemed completely pointless and nothing was accomplished?” I was taken aback at first, as he is currently enlisted in the South Carolina Army National Guard, and has an Army ROTC contract. For most … Continue reading Something to Die For

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

Oh, my fellow knobben class of 2021, how we all join hands and clasp together in shock and revelation at the fast-paced drum beat of three weeks left of this lifestyle we have learned as “knob year.” As the anxiety draws in, clutching you like a Nietzscheian Abyss, do not tremble in thy low quarters … Continue reading The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, Are you doing okay? The lack of chill in the air has raised concerns throughout the Corp of Cadets. Some are claiming Global Warming, some are calling "BS" to the Global Warming, but I think we can all agree that wearing wool in 70-80 degrees weather shows the true craziness of this … Continue reading An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Coast Guard CO: Letter of Intent

To: The Citadel Corp of Cadets For over 175 years, The Citadel has created principled leaders who have led and made a difference for this country. Those who choose to join the Coast Guard program show a willingness to take on challenges more significant than themselves, as well as their willingness to support the United States … Continue reading Coast Guard CO: Letter of Intent


(© all rights reserved) Chaplain Joe Molina CDR, UMSC / Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets  “Here’s a little song I wrote Might want to sing it note for note,  Don’t worry…. Be happy!”   It was a catchy little ditty made popular by Bobby McFerrin in the early 1990’s.  A music video was produced … Continue reading DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!