An Ode to Parent’s Weekend

An Ode to Parents Weekend (© all rights reserved) Chaplain Joe Molina CDR, UMSC / Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets Way back in 1990 there was a “T-shirt testimony” making its rounds in the local south Florida market.  A number of people wore it proudly with no fear of recrimination or ridicule.    It read: … Continue reading An Ode to Parent’s Weekend

Knobs are Bracing for Florence

No, the title is not a typo. Knobs are bracing for the upcoming Category 4 hurricane in a desperate hope to appease it. It is unsure as of now how many knobs have fallen victim to its catastrophic leadership power, however, it is estimated to be in the high hundreds. However, the big question is: … Continue reading Knobs are Bracing for Florence


Dr. Seuss wrote and illustrated over forty books for children (of all ages) and their very fortunate parents.  One of those books, written in the early 1990’s, became a national bestseller.  The book, OH, The Places You’ll Go! is a compilation of rhyme verses giving advice to children on how to proceed in life when confronting the sometimes inevitable experiences of fear, loneliness and confusion.

10 Simple Sentences for Knobs

Stay Hydrated. Keep your shoulders back, chin tucked, and eyes forward. It is not forever. No matter who you are, how you got here, you got here and that is what counts. Your greatest friends are suffering with you. You need to eat. Stay loose with stretching. People do believe in you. Stay true to … Continue reading 10 Simple Sentences for Knobs