Class of 2022’s First Impressions on Their 1st Sergeants

As “Challenge Week”, formerly known as “Hell Week”, comes to an end, we take the time to reflect on the day that it all began. Every Cadet 1st Sergeant in the Corps was asked, “What was the funniest and/or dumbest thing a knob did on Matriculation Day?” and some of their answers were comedy gold! … Continue reading Class of 2022’s First Impressions on Their 1st Sergeants

The Scarlet Pimpernel (8 Jan 2018)

TO ALL BRAVE, LOYAL, AND STOUT-HEARTED YOUNG DECATS: TAKE NOTICE! Thy PIMP must once again take POISONOUS PEN in hand. He hath SPEWED. Mine SCROP, mine dearest SLUMNI, the CHECKERED LADY doth RAGE in her IVORY TOWER this day. Many are the proud KNIGHTS of DICEL who do wear the AURUM NUGGET, and gladly doth … Continue reading The Scarlet Pimpernel (8 Jan 2018)

To be Welle and Healthe

It is a shame, a degradation of our beloved addiction, that the entirety of the 5th Battalion hath been so terribly and criminally stripped of the fuel of our minds, with an invasion, a warpath that propelled thy basic requiring cadets into a fear, a turmoil unseen, with the masses  screaming agast at the removal … Continue reading To be Welle and Healthe