Citadel Launches Cadet Bulldog-Handler Program

As most of the low-country knows, the bulldog is the beloved mascot of The Citadel. The Commandant has allowed the establishment of a new program for the cadets involving the bulldogs. The new program is headed by Cadet Jennifer Pozzani, who has worked alongside Citadel administration to develop procedures for cadets to be "Caretakers of … Continue reading Citadel Launches Cadet Bulldog-Handler Program

Substituting the Xbox

The Citadel prides itself on excellent leadership, especially that in community service. We encourage those in the corps to take action within the community and help out those who might not be as fortunate as we are to be in good shape. Most of us are blessed enough to have some sort of a financial stability, … Continue reading Substituting the Xbox

An Interview with LTC Petra Seipel (USMC)

This past week, I had the privilege to interview Marine Corps officer, LTC Petra Seipel. Many may not know who she is, but to The Citadel, she is one of the most outstanding cadets to have gone through this institute. As a female and immigrant from the Czech Republic, her time as a cadet was … Continue reading An Interview with LTC Petra Seipel (USMC)

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

Oh, my fellow knobben class of 2021, how we all join hands and clasp together in shock and revelation at the fast-paced drum beat of three weeks left of this lifestyle we have learned as “knob year.” As the anxiety draws in, clutching you like a Nietzscheian Abyss, do not tremble in thy low quarters … Continue reading The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, Are you doing okay? The lack of chill in the air has raised concerns throughout the Corp of Cadets. Some are claiming Global Warming, some are calling "BS" to the Global Warming, but I think we can all agree that wearing wool in 70-80 degrees weather shows the true craziness of this … Continue reading An Open Letter to Mother Nature