President’s Inspection 2019: Will There Be Any Surprises?

Every year at the Citadel, Cadets embrace the suck while waiting for the last SMI of the school year, President's Inspection. Many Cadets hold the belief the moment after President's Inspection; they can mail it in for the year. However, this year that has not been the case. In previous years, all of the second-semester … Continue reading President’s Inspection 2019: Will There Be Any Surprises?

The Contentious Commode Capper

On the weekend of February 8th, a vandal decided to break several toilets in First Battalion. If upon hearing this one was to assume, they were just kicked over, they would be forgiven, but the johns appeared to be ripped straight off the ground, almost as if they simply removed the bolts. What compounds the strangeness … Continue reading The Contentious Commode Capper

Declawed Tigers

We all fall victim to the old-aged ethos of The Citadel of “Old Corps”, similar to an aspect of the “Good Old Days”. “Back in my day, it was like this...that...or the other.” This applies to a plethora of things, extending into corps life, mess hall procedures, classes, air-conditioning, etcetera. Having finished knob year and … Continue reading Declawed Tigers