Knobs are Bracing for Florence

No, the title is not a typo. Knobs are bracing for the upcoming Category 4 hurricane in a desperate hope to appease it. It is unsure as of now how many knobs have fallen victim to its catastrophic leadership power, however, it is estimated to be in the high hundreds. However, the big question is: … Continue reading Knobs are Bracing for Florence

Substituting the Xbox

The Citadel prides itself on excellent leadership, especially that in community service. We encourage those in the corps to take action within the community and help out those who might not be as fortunate as we are to be in good shape. Most of us are blessed enough to have some sort of a financial stability, … Continue reading Substituting the Xbox

10 Simple Sentences for Knobs

Stay Hydrated. Keep your shoulders back, chin tucked, and eyes forward. It is not forever. No matter who you are, how you got here, you got here and that is what counts. Your greatest friends are suffering with you. You need to eat. Stay loose with stretching. People do believe in you. Stay true to … Continue reading 10 Simple Sentences for Knobs

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, Are you doing okay? The lack of chill in the air has raised concerns throughout the Corp of Cadets. Some are claiming Global Warming, some are calling "BS" to the Global Warming, but I think we can all agree that wearing wool in 70-80 degrees weather shows the true craziness of this … Continue reading An Open Letter to Mother Nature