President’s Inspection 2019: Will There Be Any Surprises?

General Walters
Citadel President General Glenn Walters

Every year at the Citadel, Cadets embrace the suck while waiting for the last SMI of the school year, President’s Inspection. Many Cadets hold the belief the moment after President’s Inspection; they can mail it in for the year. However, this year that has not been the case. In previous years, all of the second-semester SMIS have been held in January and February. This year a new President has come in and changed prior tradition making second-semester SMIS more spread out. You know what they say, “With new leadership comes change.”

The reason the change has been good to have SMIS layered out within the Spring Semester is that its encouraged Cadets to keep their rooms cleaner. You don’t have as many Cadets “Just Chilling,” after February. Having Spring-Semester SMIS not as tight together has also relieved much stress and boosted morale. One Upper-Class Cadet stated, “The first couple weeks of second-semester are always quite miserable. It’s cold outside, Springbreak is nowhere near, I have to go to PT hungover, and when there is precipitation, it will not even snow, it’s just a cold rain because for some reason snow refuses to fall when the Corps are actually here. However, I do appreciate being able to use more weekends to go home. Not having all the SMIS at the beginning of the Semester has certainly made life less stressful.”

Back in the Old Corps at a family-style mess, General Rosa came over the intercom system and canceled President’s inspection. The Corps went wild, and General Rosa went out with a bang. This year being the first year for General Walters as the President, it is highly unlikely that he will cancel President’s Inspection. However, that doesn’t mean it will be all bad. It’ll be funny to see the Knobs coming down online for inspection sleep deprived because they stayed up all night cleaning. Unfortunately, this will not occur this year. Honestly, there is probably nothing eventful to look forward to with President’s Inspection. It’ll most likely be like any other previous President’s inspection, and there is nothing wrong with that. President’s Inspection is supposed to be serious. However, this is my message to General Walters, “Sir, you’ve done a remarkable job so far. You’ve come in with a glorious bang, please make this year’s President’s Inspection eventful, refreshing, and help the Citadel finish the year off on a strong note!”

-Grady Edwards Mike Class of 20

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