Health or Hell

IMG249721694644180848A new semester is upon us, yet many students are becoming ill. Our theory is that we spent too much time away from the Citadel’s germs that our bodies were not prepared for the return of 2019. First, there is a little sniffle, but brush it off like it was nothing until worse symptoms like headaches and stomach pains start to pop up. If you are feeling weak, please report to the infirmary to help prevent the spread of such a creation of sickness and preserve the lives of your fellow students and friends. Cadets are flocking to the infirmary in rapid amounts every day, trying to find a cure to the plague that is spreading through the corp. Only to leave with their hands full, with their body armed and ready to infect the next person’s immune system.  Early morning pt sessions in the cold on the damp parade field, summer robes in the winter, and the close living quarters are slowly killing us.

That first flood of germs was only the beginning, the second wave of the flu is now making its way through the corp rapidly. As some of us return from a wonderful, long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the flu is taking victims in greater numbers as the bipolar weather and germs dance together like a couple. Speaking of couples, Brace yourselves! Valentine’s day is viciously approaching even as the outbreak continues. You can not enjoy the lovey-dovey events unless they are in good health. So, my advice? Do not fall in love with the flu virus, she will drain you of all your time and energy, leaving you a member of the walking dead. Have some Vitamin C tablets and hydrate. Arm your body with the necessary nutrients it needs. Lysol your sinus. Sanitize your mouth. Wash behind your ears. This semester is going to be SICK! It is health or hell out here, whether you end up in the infirmary or lying in your own snot, take care of yourself.

-Robin Lang and Dashawn Costley


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