“No Mercy for Mercer”


Bulldog feature photoThe Citadel Bulldogs opened up their inner conference play against the Mercer Bears. The Bulldogs entered the contest rolling on a three-game winning streak and looked to extend it to four. They capitalized on this opportunity by defeating Mercer (4-4) 79-69. Lew Stallworth led the way with a double-double including 16 points and 10 rebounds, and Zane Najdawi notched 18 points in the victory.

Mercer jumped out early to a 33-25 lead after the first half. However, The Citadel scored twice as many points in the second half putting up 54. The crowd really got into the game as the team constantly drained their three-pointers. At one point the crowd was so outspoken, Mercer Center, Victor Bafutto got distracted and missed his free throw, turning the tide of the outing. In the end, The Citadel outscored Mercer by 18 in the second period, launching their record to a resounding 6-2.

The Citadel has never made it to the NCAA Tournament. Their best season was in 2009 under head coach Ed Conroy. That season, the 2008-2009 Bulldogs finished 20-13 and lost in the first round of The CIT Tournament to Old Dominion 67-59. The 2018-2019 team has a chance to be the first. If they continue playing as well as this, then they have the opportunity to make history.

Cadets like Knob Ramsey believe that the school as a whole should support the team more. After making a half-court shot at half-time, to win a gift card to the Italian restaurant, Carrabba’s, Ramsey took some time to reflect upon his accomplishment and the game stating; “This school is full of a lot of great experiences. I am extremely grateful to win something for what I accomplished. I believe that this years basketball team deserves our support.” Knob Ramsey is correct in this statement. The 2018-2019 Citadel Basketball Team has an opportunity to be very special, and this year’s team needs all the support that it can get. If the Corps come out to support them, who knows? Maybe the Basketball games will become just as sacred as our Football games. The only way to find out is to come out and support the team!

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