Physics Department Hosts Stargazing Night

As the sun disappeared over the Western horizon of the Ashley River, mysterious silhouettes appeared on Summerall Field, only barely visible by the dim lights of the surrounding buildings and the pale moonlight. Walking closer to investigate, one would find a small group of cadets and professors, with three odd looking cylinders on tripods pointed skyward. Of course the devices in use were telescopes, but far more powerful than those many people used growing up, that could even display the rings of Saturn as it darted across the sky.


“The Physics Department is out here, we have a few telescopes, and we’re looking at Saturn, Mars, the Moon and few stars that are visible tonight. Professor Briggs and Professor Helleke are helping us set things up. It’s a really good experience to just come out here and get to do stuff like this, because it’s not something that everyone gets to do. We’ve had a lot of cadets come and share in the experience of looking through telescopes, and looking at the stars for some of them even reminds them of home. I suggest for other people to come out the next time we have it.” -Matthew Dittrich G‘21


Lesson learned: keep an eye out for what is going on around you, because some opportunities are as simple to miss as shadows in the night.


-Rhaei Brown PB’20


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