Coast Guard CO: Letter of Intent


To: The Citadel Corp of Cadets

For over 175 years, The Citadel has created principled leaders who have led and made a difference for this country. Those who choose to join the Coast Guard program show a willingness to take on challenges more significant than themselves, as well as their willingness to support the United States Coast Guard with all of its needs. The Citadel core values mirror those of The United States Coast Guard: Honor, Devotion to Duty, and Respect.

As the unit leader, I intend to aid the development of Cadets within the AUP into Coast Guard Auxiliary, and ultimately,  active duty Coast Guard members. My command philosophy entails a focus on leadership, teamwork (esprit de corps), and training. Additionally, I aspire to accomplish goals such as increased recruitment and funding, Mission Excellence, and preparation for future Coast Guard careers. There is evidence of the dedication and drive possessed by every Cadet in the Detachment in their consistent attendance of labs on Mondays and Thursdays, despite there being no guarantee of a commission upon graduation.

I am confident members within the program will continue to carry out the legacy of the Coast Guard on The Citadel campus. Currently, with 45 Citadel Alumni associated with the Coast Guard, I am wholeheartedly assured that we will see this number rise in the upcoming years.

Semper Paratus,

M.F. Scheuer

CO of The Citadel Coast Guard Detachment

One thought on “Coast Guard CO: Letter of Intent

  1. Cadet Scheuer: Thanks for posting this letter, those Alumni (like myself) currently on AD have been following the development and growth of the AUP with interest. Truthfully seeing first hand the many successes of our alumni in all the branches of the military convinces me more and more each day that my beloved institution continues to grow the leaders we so desperately need. The Coast Guard is no exception to this and I encourage you and the detachment to continue to work with and for the Guard.

    Unfortunately we don’t make it easy for you. Please let me (or any of the other AD Coasties) know if there is anything we can do to help you with your professional and personal goals, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help your program at the Citadel – I’m in the global.

    Clinton Carlson ’90
    Captain USCG
    USCG Patrol Forces Southwest Asia


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