An Open Letter to Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

Are you doing okay?

The lack of chill in the air has raised concerns throughout the Corp of Cadets. Some are claiming Global Warming, some are calling “BS” to the Global Warming, but I think we can all agree that wearing wool in 70-80 degrees weather shows the true craziness of this school. Mother Nature, in the words of Princess Leia: “You’re our only hope”. You have the ability to cancel Parades, PT days, and any other mandatory event for which the only reason why we must participate is that of appearances and financial gain. You give us the gracious ability to wear the overcoat or patched up field jacket. Oh, Mother Nature, only you can save us from the pain and despair, so again I ask you… 

Are you okay? Charleston had six inches of snow at the very beginning of the year, so we had assumed it would be a long, cold winter. However, it is February and we are in 70-degree weather with humidity that could kill a man. The plan was to stay as far away from allergy season as possible, but it seems there are other plans in motion.

On behalf of the Corps, I ask you, Mother Nature, what can we do to help? I am sure all of the plastic on the ground that we walk by every day is not helping. The Chick-fil-A bags are flying through the wind because customers of the canteen could not fit the bag into the trash can outside, so they left it on top in hopes that it would become someone else’s problem. And so it has. Or maybe it is all the cigarette butts behind  2nd Battalion or the constantly overflowing trash cans on first divisions. Perhaps it might be the cans and plastic bags left out near the beautiful marsh, that end up falling into the Ashley River, where a hungry sea turtle awaits a meal.

With worry,

Knob Rentz


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