Locality is the Normality


Ah, February, a month that sounds so beautiful in French, Fevrier. However, to a Citadel cadet, it is a month filled with inspections, overcoats, lint, and cold weather; all deadly threats to those finally acclimated to the southern weather here. Despite all the endless fun we may obtain in February, it is nice to go downtown to Charleston on an open weekend or on a Sunday and break the ice with some fun local events.

First, and Foremost, regardless if you plan to see the Eagles fly or if you plan to see Tom Brady clip the feathers of victory with his Patriots, Superbowl Sunday is right around the corner and there will be no end to the fun. For the biggest parties, The Alley and Red’s Icehouse are offering massive wing and brew discounts, with the larger the group, the better.

For the Eagles- If you are an Eagles fan, then the clear place to be in Charleston for the Super Bowl is D.D. Pecker’s, a well-known Eagles bar and delicious wing shack on Savannah Highway. There will be an afternoon tailgate to kick off the celebration with fellow Philadelphia fans and then food and drinks into the evening.

The Brick is also offering multiple deals for those above the age of 21, with Philly Cheese steaks and Clam Chowder to spare.

For the Pats, Charleston “Not Beer” Works will have many local offerings and over 28 TV’s to see your team obtain their Superbowl victory. Located right on King Street, it is not a far walk to see your favorite team play.

The theatre’s are in full roll In downtown Charleston, with the new “Chore Monkeys” coming to show, in addition to dueling Pianos, Trae Pierce and the T-Stones, + DJ Natty Heavy, respectfully located at The Brick and the Windjammer. The local markets will be open Saturday, so don’t forget to give that a try,  and if you’re a Wizard of Oz fan, Charleston Performing Arts will be having a showing of that Friday evening.

-Knob Wedgeworth

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